Digital photo recovery with Photo-Saver

Photo-Saver is extremely easy to use. Simply install the software, run the wizard and follow the instructions.

Want to see Photo-Saver in action before purchasing? This page holds several screenshots, showing you EXACTLY how Photo-Saver works!

Step One

Begin by connecting your digital camera or inserting your memory card. Then run Photo-Saver and select your camera drive or card reader. Many times Photo-Saver will detect and select this for you.

Step Two

Select the folder you would like to put your restored images in. By default, Photo-Saver will restore direct to your desktop.

Step Three

Sit back as Photo-Saver begins scanning through every piece of data in your camera or on your card, slowly piecing together your photographs. Give it a few minutes - and Photo-Saver will recover ALL your deleted photos for you!

February offer: $16.95!
Approx 10.95 or 12.95 Euros

We PROMISE Photo-Saver will recover your files. If it doesn't, you get ALL your money back!

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Approximately 10.95 or 12.95 Euros

We PROMISE you'll recover your photos... or your money back!
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