Photo recovery with Photo-Saver - FAQ

On this page we list common questions and answers for the world's number one digital photo recovery tool... Photo-Saver.

Q. What is Photo-Saver?

A. Photo-Saver is a software tool that helps you to rescue deleted photos. It works with ANY digital camera or memory card, even formatted and corrupted cards. Just run Photo-Saver and let it do the hard work for you.

Q. How does Photo-Saver work?

A. Photo-Saver works by accessing your digital camera or memory card at a very low-level. It literally works in 1's and 0's, piecing together the bits of data Windows doesn't even look at. It then uses that information to recreate your lost photos. And it's incredibly successful!

Q. Will Photo-Saver work on my PC?

A. YES! Photo-Saver works on ANY version of Windows, which covers almost every home PC. There are no minimum system requirements.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of photos I can recover?

A. No. With Photo-Saver, you can restore as many photos as you wish - unlike rival software tools, which charge you per restoration.

Q. Are there any hidden royalty fees?

A. No. We don't believe in hidden charges. With us you pay a one-time fee and that's it. Full stop!

Q. Tell me more about your 100% guarantee!

A. We PROMISE that you can recover your deleted photos with Photo-Saver or your money back. For full details, please read our guarantee page.

Q. How can I stop people recovering my photos?

A. Try using a piece of software such as Photo-Eraser. This will wipe your memory card clean, stopping nosy family members, thieves or photo shop staff from browsing through your private photos. Visit the official Photo-Eraser Web site at

Q. Do I receive support for my purchase?

A. Yes, our team are constantly on hand to help you through every step of the way. You can receive support for Photo-Saver via our dedicated support center using the beacon below.


February offer: $16.95!
Approx �10.95 or 12.95 Euros

We PROMISE Photo-Saver will recover your files. If it doesn't, you get ALL your money back!

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Approximately �10.95 or 12.95 Euros

We PROMISE you'll recover your photos... or your money back!
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